What is Good Cannabis Flower?


See what our master grower has to say…

“You gotta know good cannabis flowers. Right now, there are are truly good products, and then there are well-marketed products out there. The two are not always the same. When it comes to good flowers, in general, the “Whole Foods rule” applies. Clean, natural and organic are the best.

“The retail industry is currently profit driven. It is also trading by weight, and that's why many commercial growers use non-organic hardeners, or artificial plant foods, to tweak their nugs. Consumers have a tendency to get turned on by big “meaty” buds, which makes matters worse. These foreign chemicals and artificial nutrients not only alter the tastes in cannabis, some may even cause cancer.

There are also growers out there who are not cannabis connoisseurs themselves, so taste and cleanliness is not high on their agendas. Then there are consumer demands - not everyone cares to shop at Whole Foods, because they see price over value.”


“As such, these are all factors that are currently driving down the cannabis quality.

You can often recognize a “roided” (chemically hardened) bud because it is hard and dense, whereas a good natural flower tends to be lighter and fluffier.”

Using natural nutrients is very important; but so is the treatment of the plants. One can always tell if there is pesticide residue, or chemicals within the plant, as a result of insufficient flushing, by the way the flowers are burnt. Popping, sparkling, crackling and runs are all tell-tale signs.

Generally, when a plant is in flowering stage, pesticides are a huge no-no.

When necessary, we treat flowering plants with natural oil instead. And our plants are flushed for 10-14 days straight, much longer than most commercial growers out there.

The result of this is a smooth, natural, fragrant taste with a clean finish.

Cannabis is not supposed to be harsh when smoked, but chemicals are. I smoke my own flowers, so these things are important to me.”